Cultive’s was created to provide products that allow women to show their values and passions. Cultive has a range of beautiful tech product accessories including phone cases and laptop sleeves that allow women to express their personality everywhere they go. The design feature minimal design slogans, quotes, illustrations, cute graphics, hilarious sayings, feminist love and more.

Cultive Laptop Sleeves are available in three sizes, (12″ 13″ & 15″ laptops) to protect your laptop from scratches and minor impacts. Made from 100% Polyester the extremely strong and durable synthetic fabric retains its shape and dries quickly. The foam padding protects your laptop from dust/dirt and absorbs minor bumps and shocks.

Cultive’s offers its customers, two types of phone cases. The first is a snap phone case that features a slim and lightweight design giving it a modern look. The case is made from extremely strong, durable and impact resistant Polycarbonate material.

The tough phone cases are extremely durable. These phone case use Lexan plastic which is the same plastic used for bulletproof windows. The case has a lay-flat bezel that protects the screen from small scratches. Plus has an added flexible rubber liner to absorb shock when dropped or bumped.

Both phone cases offer UV protection, excellent resistance to outdoor weathering & long-term optical quality. The cases have clear open ports for connectivity plus support wireless charging for new Phones.

All of Cultive’s designs strive to be inclusive and current without surrendering the humour that makes us love who we are. Cultive’s bags are broken down to the following collections: Girl Power, Animal parents, Boss lady, Body is a temple, Lazy Lady, Milestone events & The Food and Wine Club. The designs feature slogans, quotes, illustrations, cute graphics, hilarious sayings, feminist love and more.

The Cultive offers worldwide shipping with free shipping for all orders over $50 USD and equivalent.

WA/ONDER Laptop Case with handWA/ONDER Laptop Case closed
Namaste Mandala Laptop Case with hands
This is what a developer looks like laptop case
Je Taime laptop case
lost laptop case
Riot laptop case
This Party Is Shit Ultra Protective Phone Case front viewThis Party Is Shit Ultra Protective Phone Case separated
Pink Female Ultra Protective Phone Case front iphonePink Female Ultra Protective Phone Case seperated