Cultive’s Collection was created to provide products that allow women to show their values and passions. Cultive creates minimal design clothes, home decor and lifestyle accessories with the goal of empowering women. Our designs strive to be inclusive and current without surrendering the humour that makes us love what we do. 

The Girl Power Collection is the essence of Cultive, made to allow women to wear their values through positivity and humor. The Girl power line is an empowering and inspiring feminist line featuring products that can be taken with you anywhere.

The Animal Parents collection for fur mamas who love their love their pet more than 99% of the human race.

The Body is a Temple collection for ladies that love to exercise. The range is subtly sarcastic, yet motivating and empowering.

The Lazy Lady collection for the woman that needs to chill out and be lazy. Whether it binge-watching a new show, taking some time for herself or it’s raining outside and CBF.  

Milestone Events Collection celebrates females in all their forms celebrating their passion, talent and triumphs. The Milestone Collection is an entire collection dedicated to the important time in a woman’s life!

The Food and Wine Collection was designed for the ladies that follow food Instagram pages, get excited when she knows there will be a cheese board at a party and doesn’t need her arm twisted for a go out for a sneaky prosecco.

The Boss Lady Collection was created for the Boss Babes, Girlbosses & Female entrepreneurs that are hustling right now to make it to the top.

The wanderlust collection is inspired by the fierce women that lust for new experiences. Exploring new places and enjoying what the world has to offer.

WA/ONDER Laptop Case with handWA/ONDER Laptop Case closed
Namaste Mandala Laptop Case with hands
This is what a developer looks like laptop case
Je Taime laptop case
lost laptop case
Riot laptop case