As I’ve gotten older it has become more apparent to me both the difficulty in maintaining and the importance of friendships, especially female friendships. Maybe it is just me but it feels like everyone is going in a million different directions nowadays and with everyone spread out all over the place, it can make friendships harder to maintain. I know I struggle with maintaining my own long-distance friendships because the majority of my best friends are all in other time zones or countries, which makes it even harder to keep in touch. If you are experiencing this you are not alone.

It can be something as simple as sending a quick text or a Snapchat that lets the other person know you are thinking about them

I think one of if not the most important part of maintaining a long distance relationship of any kind, but especially a friendship is communication. It doesn’t have to be hours long phone conversations or talking every week, it can be something as simple as sending a quick text or a Snapchat that lets the other person know you are thinking about them. Sometimes all it takes is to make sure your friend knows that they still matter to you and that you haven’t forgotten them.

In my opinion, the other most important thing in order to keep your long-distance friendships alive and healthy is to be there. And yes I mean that intentionally vague. What I mean is to be there for them no matter what. Be there for the good times, the bad times, the boring times, and the exciting times. When you are separated by long distance it can get easy to only be active in your friendship when big things happen, but as important as those are it is the little things that add up to make a good friendship and any relationship. Making sure that your friend knows you are there just the same no matter if it’s something big like getting a new job or something small like having a bad day and needed to talk with someone is important.


When it comes to keeping your long distance friendships going strong the most important things aren’t that different than normal friendships, just more done on the phone or online, but remember to communicate and be there for them.  It may sound like I am oversimplifying it, but trust me in the end the rest of it will work itself out, as long as you put in the effort.

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Caitlin is a women’s freedom and lifestyle coach and blogger who aims to help women uplevel their mindset and confidence so that they can show up in their lives and truly design a life that fuels their soul. She believes that all women deserve a life that is rooted in their passions, and makes their soul feel the most alive. She is an avid tea drinker, lover of anything iced coffee, a nature addict, and a true Southern women at heart. She is currently living in Virginia in the United States trying to design her own dream life. You can see more from Caitlin on Instagram and her website.

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